Welcome to Imago AI EdTech, a Prepry Company

First-rate medical care deserves a first-rate digital experience.

Creating effortless digital experiences for mobile healthcare apps.

Welcome to Imago AI

The Value We Bring to Our Customers

At Imago AI, we have 8+ years of creating exceptional digital experiences through great content and design.

UX Research

Analyzing users' experience using a variety of investigative methods, tools, and techniques better informs overall design strategy.

Mobile Development

More than a half of all internet traffic is mobile.

UX Design

Idea that inspires, data that backs it up, and a plan to make it happen. We strive to create an outstanding user experience.

Visual Design

Strategic use of color, layout, white space, typography, and images shapes the user interface including consideration for accessibility, consistency, usability, and scalability.

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